Henna as a Herbs

The word ‘henna’ is used by people all over the place in the world in many different ways. A mainstream of people possibly acquaintance it with the dark-red/brown color/dye for hair and skin that is usually used in many cultures, but the name also relates to the flowering herbs plant from which the dye is derived.

As the only species in the Lawsonia genus, henna has many different names across the world, including hina and Egyptian privet, but they are all relating the same amazing herb plant, which has the scientific name Lawsonia inermis. Other names of Henna are Camphire, Cypress Shrub, Egyptian Privet, Henna Plant, Jamaica Mignonette, Mindie, and Tree Mignonette in English, Mehndi, and Mhindi in Hindi, Tche Kia Hoa in China, Alhenna, Henna, Henneh, Hinna, Yoranna in Arabic, Alcana D’orient, Alkanna d’Avicenne, Alkanna d’Orient, Henné, Racine á farder, Thomarhendi d’Avicenne, Troene d’Egypte  in French, Maruthani leaves Powder in UK, Dvivranta, Kokadanta, Medika, Mendhika, Nakkaranjaka, Nakaranjani, Ragagarbha, Ragangi, Ranjaka, Sahshara, Sugandhapushpa, Timira, and Yavaneshta In Sanskrit, Aivanam, Aivana, Korandam, Kurandagam, Kurinji, Pidai,  Ponninpuvalamarudondri, Marudondri, and Mayilainandi. In Tamil, Mehendi in Urdu, Mehendi, Mendi, Monjuati, Olota, Rongota in Uriya, Goranta, Gorante, Goranthu, Korate, Mehndi, Mhendi In Canarese, Kypros in Greek, Chi Gaip, Hoa, Khao Thien, Kao Yousak, Kok Khao, Krapin Kupin Tue, Mong Tay, Mong Tay Nhuom in Indochina, Goranta, Gorata, Goring, Krommi, Kuravakamu, Maida, Pschapeddagoranta in Telugu, Henne in Spanish, Cinamomo, Cinamomo Del Pais in Philippines, etc.

It can be used in a wide range of ways, comprising its dye form, as well as in aqueous abstracts, tinctures, and salves, composed of the bark, seeds, or leaves. This usefulness makes henna a very valued element in customary medicines, particularly Ayurvedic preparation.

Henna Herbal Plant is used for making the fine quality of the powder, oil, medicine, etc. The use of Mehndi is to color the hair, eyebrow,  moustash, bread, under eye, body arts as on hands legs, Herbs  Henna oil, bark, and seeds are the most common formulae for medicinal preparation, and the high attentiveness of chemicals and nutrients in the plant provides it anti-inflammatory, hypotensive, antibacterial, astringent, and antiviral effects.

Henna is the immediate ingredient for the hair coloring for every natural hair care enthusiast. Did you know that henna can do a lot more than just color your hair? The variety of hair care ingredient can be used to maintain overall hair health. But henna is always preferable even for the last thousands of years. Not Only in India, but also in all over the world Henna is widely used for hair care. Conditioning, repairing the damage, scalp care and balancing pH levels are just some of the many benefits that henna offers.


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